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This girl is seriously the best.


This girl is seriously the best.


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Petyr Baelish’s real motives and end game


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A very interesting read written by LadyHat


This is all circumstantial evidence, but I’m interested to see everyone’s views and opinions on this..

So after reading numerous Petyr Baelish theories I have concluded that we all seem to agree on Littlefinger being a major player of the game, he thrives on chaos, is a keen manipulator, one of the most dangerous players, he refers to everyone as pieces and players, he is truly playing a long game and I am theorizing he has a good motive!

What is his true agenda? His true purpose? This is what everyone struggles to agree upon, what does he actually want? 
“Everything” He says … And for once, I believe him!

And here’s a theory as to WHY…

Petyr Baelish is a descendant of House Reyne! Yes that’s right, the extinct house from Castamere!

Information and evidence on House Baelish and House Reyne is far and few between! With hardly any names and only a small description of both house histories i think there is more than meets the eye here..

Now let me start with how Petyr’s described “western traits” which I find help support this theory
- Petyrs eyes are described as Grey/Green.. (Green eyes being a dominant Lannister/ Westerlands traits! Very likely in Reynes/Lannister history merged thus sharing these traits) 
- Petyrs name shares the famous Western Tyr .. An interesting spelling and name choice for Petyr! Tyr pops up alot on Lannister and Western Houses family trees..

Now some dates I have found (from the wiki, I’m hoping the AWOIAF will bring some more evidence to back this up) which could support this theory: 
- Baelish House discovered 259AC
- Petyr Baelish Born 268AC
- House Reyne died out 260AC +/-
-War of Ninepenny Kings 259AC +/-
Petyr Baelish’s father (a hedge knight) became associated with Hoster Tully during War of Ninepenny Kings (resulting in Petyr being fostered there some years later)
-No mention or clues of Petyr’s mother or any mention of an individual member of House Reyne!

(There is one Ellyn Tarbeck, who seems to be the only participant from the Reyne/Tarbeck rebellion who has been first named .. On the wiki page she is ‘presumed dead’. 
A descendant of Tarbeck could fit this theory also but I would think the Reynes of Castermere song being such an infamous and cruel reminder of the fate of House Reyne would inspire Petyrs revenge and ambition! And his ultimate goal to restore his rightful family name by bringing down the Lannister’s/Starks/Tullys (every noble house who has spurned Petyr, him or his descendants) I feel his true aim is to re-store the Reynes to their former glory and then some by eventually seating himself (or future heir) on the throne!

Now for assumptions: Some explanations could be

1) Petyrs father (a hedge knight) met a female Reyne descendant after the War of Ninepenny Kings in 259 before the rebellion and downfall of House Reyne ..

2) it is not to foolish to assume at least one member of House Reyne was not home at the time Tywin’s men came a’knocking ..and made up a braavosi father story as a cover story. Purchasing a small insignificant plot of land called the fingers, away from the west.  

Petyr would have been born 8 years after the destruction of House Reyne.. So he’s motivation would stream from his parents teaching him and about their former wealth and glory and resentment towards the Lannister. But this could explain his why he feels worthy of such a highborn women like Catelyn Tully.

I can’t find any dates or evidence concluding what year Petyr was fostered by Hoster Tully, but it is surely odd, is it not, for Hoster to foster such an insigificant and minor house (I know the reasons: Hoster and Petyrs father became friends during war of the ninepenny kings) but is there more to this? Is that a legitimate reason to have the heir to your recently formed minor-House fostered at such a prestige castle such as Riverrun.

Here are some quotes which could support this theory: 
- “Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you. Remember that, Sansa, when you come to play the game. [22]” Littlefinger to Sansa
- “You could turn King’s Landing upside down and not find a single man with a mockingbird sewn over his heart but that does not mean I am friendless. [6]” Littlefinger 
- “Littlefinger… the gods only know what game Littlefinger is playing. [25] ” – Varys when reporting the various machinations at court to Illyrio Mopatis
- “Only a cat of a different coat, that’s all the truth I know” Reynes of Castamere song .. (Petyr has an obsession with Cat)

As you can see, its all very crackpot and circumstantial but i just cant help but ponder Petyrs true intentions and motivation. I realise his rags to riches-worked his way into power- in love and spurned by cat/brandon- backstory is all very nice and gives him enough reason to do what he does and would GRRM really keep putting these schemes within a scheme inceptions ontop of everything else with supposedly only 2 books left to go but im looking forward to hearing some feedback and seeing what you all think about this

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I think I remember reading that GRRM gave Aidan Gillen insight into Littlefinger. Interesting at some of his dialogue and how he interacts with some characters.

Plus, we’ve never had Petyr’s POV ever in the series. I wonder why that is when he is such a major player and CRUCIAL character in the series.

You have to wonder that if we DID know Petyr’s mind, would the jig be up? Is he the true mastermind of it all to the very end?

We know he started the chaos, is thriving on it, everything he’s done is super calculated and it far ahead of anyone else. Even Varys isn’t quite sure what he is up to.

What does Petyr say?

"Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain of WHO you are and WHAT you want, they cannot know what you are likely to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose or seem to work against you."

I think Varys may be the only one that may be able to outwit Petyr. He knows something else is up but can’t put his finger on Littlefinger. Or Petyr has really played him as well, making him and everyone believe that Cat, the Starks and Sansa are what motivates him. Yet, even though that may be a partial truth, it’s not his true purpose.

Petyr has made moves/decisions that make you wonder who and what he is really after or if he just wants to see the world burn.


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“He’s about to pull my heart asunder, and I absolutely love the way he dresses!”

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This is one of those gifs where you could put an explosion, burning house, etc behind him with that wicked half smile of his as he’s leisurely strolling away….



This is one of those gifs where you could put an explosion, burning house, etc behind him with that wicked half smile of his as he’s leisurely strolling away….




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